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About Mary & Arbonne

I have always had the desire to help others whenever and however I could. So, for over 35 years I have found ways to assist people times of disaster to lending a hand helping a family move. I have even been in the medical field doing field work at numerous different types of events and scenarios providing emergency care (first aid, CPR) and finding housing for fire victims that have lost their home to a fire or natural disaster.

So, when I was approached from a friend about the business of Arbonne, I knew that this would be a great fit. And so, my journey began March of 2017.

Years Experience

History of Arbonne

The Vision

In 1965, Petter was in charge of a skincare and makeup division for a company in Norway. He was not satisfied knowing many products were formulated with ingredients not beneficial to the skin. He told his wife about his desire to make a different kind of skincare line. Before “green” was the marketing phenomenon it is today, Petter was green. Kitchen table conversations led to ideas overflowing on graph paper. Eventually Petter refined his ideas into a set of guiding principles for his life’s work:

To develop, produce and market skincare and related products unparalleled in quality, purity, safety and beneficial results.

To create and organize meaningful, challenging opportunities for people seeking financial, professional, social and cultural rewards superior to anything available in the industry.

To contribute locally, nationally and internationally to the improvement of our ecological, social and cultural environment.

With a handful of Independent Consultants, Arbonne released a catalogue of 19 products. Arbonne promoted botanically based product with an emphasis on a new concept — pure, safe, beneficial™. Petter had started a product revolution.

Today, this global operation has over $500 million in revenue and more than 200,000 Independent Consultants. Products include skincare, nutrition, cosmetics, hair care, and baby products, and are sold in the United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Poland, and New Zealand.

One Light Ignites Another

Petter had worked in another direct selling company before founding Arbonne. He recognized the value of building a winning team that inspired others. He wanted to make the opportunity of starting an Arbonne business as transformational as the Arbonne products.

Petter didn’t judge success purely on profits. He valued each Independent Consultant as an individual, a friend, a mentor and a student. He inspired everyone to dream big, grow professionally and personally, and celebrate often as a team, as a family.

If you spent time with Petter in the early days, you would see his passion, integrity and desire to do the right thing was contagious. The culture of Arbonne evolved organically. Everyone in the family felt important, supported and empowered to achieve their dreams. At Arbonne, personal transformation was how the Home Office measured success.

Petter took his idea and grew it into a beautiful vision. He shared that vision with others and, in turn, inspired others to share it again and again. Each person’s transformation would spark change in another.

After nearly 40 years, we understand why we are still here and why we will be here for many more — this combination of amazing products and incredible people who work together to better themselves and the world.