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Oh My!! What a start to a new year. So many things happening around our country and around the world. Speaking of things happening…Arbonne has some new products along with new branding of the packages! This is really exciting.

With a taste reminiscent of freshly picked apples on a crisp fall day, the Spiced Cider Punch Energy Fizz is the perfect blend of your favorite warm holiday beverage with the energizing zing of fizz. It’s the perfect drink for bringing everyone together to celebrate warmth and love during this special time of year.

Putting a cinnamon stick in with this fizz makes a awesome taste for a cold, snowy day! I have even heard people saying that they will put it in their coffee also. Yummy!!

New limited time flavor! These special edition Fizz Sticks gives you the fizzy energy boost we all love with a refreshing taste that will make you think of your favorite lemon-lime soda — without the high fructose corn syrup and artificial colors, flavors, and sweeteners. Whether used as a replacement for your morning coffee or for a midafternoon pick-me-up, simply mix this vegan, effervescent dietary supplement with water. Designed to help increase energy levels while temporarily relieving fatigue, promoting alertness, and enhancing cognitive performance.

Mint Chocolate Protein Shake is now available to EVERYONE for a limited time only! Just like the taste of your favorite mint chip ice cream combined with the yum of your favorite chocolate covered cookie, this protein shake will make your healthy living days taste just a little sweeter! Designed to help satisfy hunger and support muscles, our vegan protein shakes support overall health, energy and wellbeing — and they’re delicious! Each tasty vegan protein shake is packed with 20 grams of easy-to-digest protein derived from Peas, Cranberries and Rice.

New Look…but same great products!

I used to be called Arbonne Essentials® Antioxidant Shot – Now called, SuperBoost Antioxidant Shot

Antioxidants are important for maintaining good health. Packed with superfruits like Blueberry, Pomegranate, Amla and Açai as well as Vitamin C, Zinc and Selenium, this juice-based vegan dietary supplement “shot” delivers a cornucopia of antioxidants. It also features our Energy Booster blend with naturally-derived caffeine from Green Tea Leaf and Guarana Seed along with botanicals Yerba Mate Leaf and Ginseng Root Extracts to deliver a gentle boost of energy. The single-serving vegan dietary supplement pouches are a convenient way to get essential antioxidants along with an instant pick-me-up anytime or anyplace.

Jumpstart your healthy living journey with our signature program and #1 bestselling nutrition product set. Our 30 Days to Healthy Living Set, formerly the Arbonne Essentials® Nutrition ASVP, includes updated names and rebranded packaging*. They’re the same plant-powered formulas on the inside, with a fresh new look on the outside.

The program is designed to act as a reset to establishing healthy habits and a healthy lifestyle so you can get more energy, manage weight, and feel fit with clean, vegan nutrition.

If you have any questions about any of the products mention above, or any of the other Arbonne products, please don’t hesitate to contact Mary Gleissner, Arbonne Independent Consultant. You can reach me at 913-303-1145 (call or text). Or by visiting my website at and submitting your name and email address. I will email you back within a very short time.

I am always happy to help people with their journey to improving their health Inside & Out – Mind, Body & Skin!!